Educational Toys – Tips For Parents

Using toys as educational tools can be a great way to boost your child’s development. This article offers parents some tips for using toys to enhance their child’s education.A child’s awareness of shapes, colours and numbers can be rapidly increased with the use of educational toys. Toys can also have a positive effect on their cognitive motor skills, emotional behaviour and creativity.What toys are beneficial to children and contribute learning during play?1) Building Blocks – A child uses hand and eye coordination when playing with blocks. They can learn how things can be brought together to create something new and have their imagination inspired.2) Shapes – Matching shapes and colours improves a child’s motor skills and spatial awareness.3) Musical table – Whilst enjoying musical fun, children’s senses are stimulated and they are taught letters, colours and numbers.4) Crayola products – There are many creative products from Crayola that will build your child’s creative, cognitive and motor skills.5) Play Doh – Coming in many beautiful colours that immediately capture the child’s imagination, Play Doh is a fun way for a child to let their imagination run wild. The child can create whist developing their motor skills and artistic intuition.6) Flash cards – Children love pictures and flash cards can be used to teach your child to read basic words in a fun and enjoyable way. There are many games that can be played with flash cards, such as snap and memory. Flash cards can be handmade at home using a computer to print off words and pictures.7) Puzzles – Puzzles are great for developing children’s cognitive skills. Getting children to work things out in a fun context will instill a love for learning in them that will be very beneficial during their school days and beyond.